Senin, 21 Agustus 2017

make a planing

a conversation between ilham and adli to make a plan after doing a evaluation at school 

Adli :" hello ilham , what will you do it after doing evaluation at school ?
Ilham:" i think , i will go to the beach with my family "
Adli :" what kind of the beach ?"
Ilham :"i think i will go to Ujung Genteng Beach "
Adli :" ohh so good plan . why do you want to go there ?"
Ilham :"i think Ujung Genteng it's nice beach in java because the beach in Ujung Genteng still clean                and there is no rubbish in there so it have a good place to refreshing my brain "\
Adli :" i think so , when will you go to Ujung Genteng ?
Ilham :" i think, i will go twou weeks after the evaluation finished "
Adli :" How long you will stay in there ?"
Ilham :" i think i will stay at there in five days "
Adli :" wow it has a long time in there , so what will you do in the beach  ?"
Ilham :" i will play sand with my brother and surfing with my dad "
Adli :" it's very interesting , so do you will buy sme souvenir in there ?
Ilham :" of course , i will buy some cloth of Ujung Genteng and many souvenir in there "
Adli :" ohh so you will give me the souvenir ?"
Ilham :" ye sof course No "
Adli :" what ?"
Ilham :" i'm just kidding bro , of course i will give you souvenir "
Adli :" thank you very much Ilham "
Ilham :" oh no problem "
Adli :" By the way , i'm must go home,  see you after holiday "
Ilham ::" see you adli , bye "
Adli :"bye"dd

Senin, 14 Agustus 2017

my experience

The Best Experience with my Friend

                      Hello I am Adli Ahmad , I want to tell you about my unforgettable experience with my friend . i think this experience is very sad because this moment when my friend help me in a competition in Bandung . i am never forget about that moment . and i will tell you my experience in this description.
                      one day i am join the competition of sanitation ambassador in Bandung . i'm join the competition until fife days . i am join scientific papers . In this competition i must make some product who can make the environment of Indonesia became better . because the purpose of this competition is can make the next generation of Indonesia can care to environment because the sanitation of Indonesia is very bad so with this competition can make Indonesia became better than before . Next to my story , i made the product in 3 month and i was helped by my friend his name was Rekso , he is my best friend because from the product is 0%  until the product is 100% , Rekso Help me . he until stay over night at my home just for help me . his hand until swollen because he help made my product . so i am very respect to his , because my product can be finish until 100 % in 3 month if didn't help me . and when i am doing a training to made a scientific papers at home , he help give a inspiration to my scientific papers , so i can made scientific papers until 8 page . 

                     when i am went to the competition he join me to became my assist in my competition . first i will went alone to the competition but my teacher invite Rekso for my assist . So it can make     i am happy because i join the competition with my best friend . and then i went to Bandung with his . he talk to me that ia can be a winner . he said " always be confident , and became adli fully , " and it can make i am very spirit and very confident to be a winner in there . and then when i am doing my presentation to my product he help me to bring that product and show it in front of all people ,it can made i am very easy to tell the product , and i am very enjoyed to presentation that product . 
                   and then the announcement to tell a winner is began . i am very nervous to listen that announcement but my friend be confident . and then Alhamdulillah i am be a winner in that competition and became a sanitation ambassador in Indonesia . i am very happy in there . and i take my trophy and take a picture with my friend.

                   because the experience , i want say thank you very much to my best friend , who want help me from the beginning until finishing and always give me a spirit to be a champion . if when i join the competiton without you , i didn't know i will be a winner or not . so thank you very much to your help . thank you very much............

that is about my experience i am sorry if there a mistakes 


Senin, 07 Agustus 2017

Dialogue 1 adli


Adli  : Hello,  I'm often see you in here . do you like reading ?
Meysa  : "of course , that's why i'm often stay in here "
Adli   : " oh you right , by the way i'm adli ahmad . what's your name ?
Meysa  :"i'm meysa nur afiani nice to meet you 
Adli   :"nice to meet you too
meysa :" mmhh dli , whatn kind of book do you like ?
Adli :"i like reading some novel and subject's book . how about you?
meysa  :" ilke reading some novel too .
Adli :"oh great , what kind novel do you like ?
meysa :" i like action and romantic novel , how about you ?
Adli :" if novel i like read an action novel and fiction like sherlock holmes and harry potter 
meysa : "how many book of novel do you have at home ?
Adli :"mmh, i think i have  more than fifteen books at home .
meysa : wow its so many book do you have "
Adli :"yes , because my hobby is reading , so i must have a lot of book at home  . how about you ,                  how many book do you have at home?
Meysa : "i'm just have 7 books at home . what's you favourite bookfrom all of books do you have ?
Adli :" i like harry poter"
meysa :" Why ?
Adli :"because the price is so expensive "
Meysa :" hahah "
Adli :" and what your favourite books from all of book do you have ?
Meysa :"i like my lovely gengster "
Adli :" oh good . do you ever finish read it ?"
Meysa :" yes i'm have ever finish it , until twou times"
Adli :" wow , why you read it again and again , do you not borring about the story ?"
Meysa :" of course no , i like thats story , i think the story is very insterest . and i like that "
Adli :" when you began read that's book?"
meysa :"when iam 8 grade in junior high school , how abot you ?
Adli :" i read harry potter when i'm  7 grade in junior high school .
meysa :" ohh good ."
Adli :" mey , i'm sorry i must go home now "
Meysa :" oh ya , becarefull , see you next time "
Adli :" see you "

Senin, 31 Juli 2017



       its me , i am Adli , Iam X science 8 at senior high school 3 bandung . i am very happy can study in here because i think the school is the one of the best school in west java , in here i have alot of competitor in my class because all my friend is very smart and genius abot all subject in school . well before i continue about my story allow me to intoduct my self.

       my name is Adli Ahmad Rizaldy my friend call me adli ,i have a father his name is H.abdul Rosyid ,my father's job is became a teacher in senior high school .and  i think my father its so cool , handsome , good people , and smart . and then i have a mothe her name is Hj. Ina Hilman ,my mother's job is became a teacher like my father . i think my mother is very beautifull, smart , diligent and wise. i have one brother and one sister . and i m the last child in my familiy

         i was born at bandung in 11 february 2002 ,before i became senior high schhol 3 bandung , i live in maruyung village but  when im became a student of snior high school 3bandung i live in kalimantan street no.12. my elementary school in lemburawi and my junior high school in 1 ciparay , and my senior high shool in 3 bandung , iam fifteen years old , my hobby is reading and playing tradicional music . i wont to be a teacher in university . i like math and fisic because i want tobe a profesor and master of math .i want study in germany untill became doctorate in germany . 

       in junior high school 1 ciparay i am join Appel , Osis, Club scienece , karawitan and scout . because i like organitation , because i think organitation can make my thinking is logic and we will have alot of friend . in junior high school ihave one of phobia . my phobia is if i look a clown . but i like a toys like hotwheel , lego and many more. 

        in junior high school i have a biggest experience when i am baceme a sanitation ambasados in indonesia . i think be came a sanitation ambasador is reponsibility for environment . and i am happy became sanition ambasador baceuse i can help environment of indonesia became better than before

       and now i have a biggest experience againt because i can study in SMAN 3 Bandung , who people say that , SMAN3 Bandung is the best school in west java , so i am very happy because i can study in there . So its became a motivation for me to became the best student in SMAN3 Bandung .